Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What, where, and when...

The "What, where, and when... News from RL Caldwell Studio" newsletter went out yesterday via e-mail. Those of you who are on my mailing list will have noticed that I have started to move from the traditional mail delivery methods to using e-mail. If you are on my mailing list but did not receive a newsletter that probably means that I don't have your e-mail address or that my wonderful typing skills have failed me yet again. Please take a moment to sign up at the right using the link for "sign up for our e-mail newsletter". I will be sending out show invitations and announcements this way as well. If you would like to see the winter 2009 "What , where, and when..." issue please click on the link below to see it.

What, where, and when...
News from RL Caldwell Studio
Winter 2009

I would like to thank all of you who responded back to me about the newsletter and all that is going on with me and my work.

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