Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two Ibis's progress

Working on several pieces at once now...
Here's the progress on the Ibis's painting as of Wednesday afternoon. The background and the middle ground marsh grass both have the second layer of color on the canvas. This will be one of those paintings that will need some additional tweaking on a third layer of color because there is so much overlap of color that i can't get the results that I want without muddying up the colors already applied to the canvas. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I can have the foreground grass completed and have started on the water.

Below is the piece that i just finished up on today. The under drawing is finished and I'll tone the canvas tomorrow so that it is ready when I'm finished with the 2 Ibis's and the sparrow with the red berries paintings.

I have several deadlines coming up!!!


Kimber Scott said...

Great work. I love seeing how you're building your painting. Good luck on your deadlines! Paint on!

Brandon Moore said...

Awesome work. How do you fix your graphite to keep the oil paint from smearing it?

Robert Caldwell said...

Thanks Kimber!

Brandon, I use a can of "workable" fixative to lightly spray the drawing. Make sure the whole drawing is covered with the fixative but don't over do it because then the first layer of paint just dosen't want to stick!