Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WIP- "Reflected Blue"

Work in Progress...

"Reflected Blue (Great Blue Heron)"
First layer of color blocked in.

Not going as fast as I would like but the first layer of color is blocked in and ready for me to start laying in the second/final layer of color. If everything goes right this painting should be finished by this weekend and dry in time to take to the Waterfowl Festival next week!


Ray Brown said...

Robert-- looking great! I am still going to be drawing right to the last minute. No trips to Lowes this year, I hope. Hey, can you bring my chair?


Robert Caldwell said...

If a trip to Lowe's is needed then so be it! I was going to ask you about your chair, remember I don't have the canvas, you took that with you.

See you soon!