Monday, February 8, 2010

Watch a painting from start to finish!

Even though my painting “Paused (Crow) has been finished for a few weeks now, while painting this particular piece I captured the entire process on video. It has taken me up to this point to finish editing and fine tuning the videos but at last they are finished. They can all be seen on my YouTube channel as individual videos or watch the playlist titled Work in Progress: “Paused (Crow)” Start to Finish. There are five videos, the first two cover the under drawing process, the third, video capture the toning of the canvas and the last two show me adding the color to the painting. Each video is under 10 minutes long but compress many hours of work into each short video.

Below is the painting in its frame…

"Paused (Crow)"
Oil, 5 x 9

“Paused (Crow) is headed off to the Masterworks in miniature exhibit at Gallery One in Mentor, Ohio. For more information about this exhibit that I am extremely honored to be part of again please visit my news page on my website.

Enjoy the videos!!!

1 comment:

Dors said...

I have looks at your work, I have watched you videos. Your art pieces are unreal. I am in awe.

I have to say thank you for sharing your work, your techniques. you are the best.
This is art at the very best. and the speed you work. wow

Regards Dors