Thursday, February 24, 2011

So focused that I might of missed it!

Presenting “Magnolia (Brown Thrasher)” …..

Finished this one up late last week and it will be going to Lovetts Gallery for my Solo exhibit and painting demonstration next week.

One of my favorite birds is the brown thrasher, a bird normally seen on the ground foraging as it sweeps the leaf litter and soil layer for insects, fallen seeds and berries. It’s always a nice surprise to see a brown thrasher perched somewhere other than the ground. I was walking down a main street in Richmond, Virginia, taking photos of the large majestic magnolias when I heard the repetitive call of the brown thrasher. I looked down but then realized the call was coming from overhead. Just then, I turned my attention to a brick pillar ahead of the tree and spotted the bird sitting atop the concrete finial. I was so focused on the magnolia that I nearly missed what was sitting right in front of me.

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