Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A visual buffet of textures and colors!

Fresh off the easel!
"Feathered Finials (Rock Pigeons)"
Oil on 1/2 prepared maple panel
24 x 36

While at an art show in February 2010, I decided to take a break and head outside to see what interesting reference material I might find for a future painting. My good friend and fellow artist Julie Bender was up for a break as well so the two of us grabbed our cameras and took to the streets of historic downtown Charleston, SC. I was so entrenched in conversation that I was taking random shots of architecture — anything that looked interesting. I was completely unaware of this particular enticing scene that I had captured. 

This painting provides a visual buffet of textures and colors — from the red crown of finials to the bronze roof tiles with the highly textured ends to the white-painted metal fascia dotted with specs of rust to the row of tarnished copper green scalloped finials — all topped off with a large stone gable adorned with a dramatic decorative finial and three perfectly perched rock pigeons. Who could resist painting this festive feast?

This will be one of my eight new paintings available exclusively at Lovetts Gallery at my upcoming two person show titled "Out on a Whim" in March.



Chad Dukes said...

Thats really quite impressive. I love the colors. I can see all of the challenging textures, but the colors are brilliant.

Robert Caldwell said...

Thank You Chad! It was really fun to paint this one!