Thursday, March 21, 2013

In return and he said a lion.

November 7, 2012
Two lions spotted at Silale
Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, Africa
Field Sketch

Another field sketch drawn while in Africa, I delivered this to one of my collectors just a few weeks ago.

I drew this little sketch back in my tent the night after we had the fortune of seeing two female lions on the edge of Silale swamp which doesn't look like a swamp. This sketch was the "warm up" for my drawing "Margin (Lion)" (I'll post about this drawing later). The collector who received this was extremely gracious enough to lend me his very nice camera body for my adventure in Africa, I asked him what I could give him in return and he said a lion. Well I of course couldn't bring a lion home but I could create a sketch of what I saw, two magnificent lions in the tall grasses of Africa.

My collector was pleasantly surprised and asked if he could lend me his camera for my next adventure.


Katherine Thomas said...

Wow, that so amazing that you were right there staring that lion in the face as you drew his/her portrait! Great work!

Robert Caldwell said...

Thank you Katherine, it was amazing! Can't wait to go back!