Monday, November 12, 2007

Work on two small paintings

The first painting is coming along nicely. It has moved past the stage of frustration. When laying down that first layer of color, the colors on the palette don't always match what is in your head. Then, sometimes, the color that you think is right ends up being color bias to the color that it's next to (for example, you have a green but when you put it on the canvas with a background of blue the green takes on a blue-green tone). When this happens, it's back to the palette to remix the paint so that it works with its neighboring color. I will be working on the bird today, which usually goes really well. Since I try to stay true to the bird, there are no decisions to be made -- it's either the right color or not. The other painting is now toned and ready to have color added.

Painting 1, the first layer of color is blocked in except on the bird.

Painting 2, The canvas is now toned and ready to start laying down some color.

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