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​End of one road and the beginning of the new one.

End of an era, the Midlothian Art Academy sign in the county dump Well, I guess the first post on this blog, in a long time, should be about why I am back here. It was not my intention to build an online art school platform; well, maybe that isn’t the complete truth. In 2016 I had initially thought about creating some online instructional content, but then I had the opportunity to open my art school studio. I started with a 1200 square foot space that I designed and constructed consisting of a teaching studio, a small personal studio, and an exhibition space. And it was going rather well, and in hindsight, I should have stayed in that spot. I had brought on other instructors, and we had multiple class offerings, so it made sense to expand. In September 2019, I moved the academy into the new building, two large teaching studios, an administration office, a waiting area with a library, my studio, my lead instructor’s studio, John Sims, and a framing/storage room. I would be lying if I di