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Section 2 of my Basic Color Theory course is in production!

Now that section 1 of my Basic Color Theory course is complete and launching on July 25, 2022, I am now focusing on the production of section 2. Section 1 was filled with theory and mixing exercises. Section 2, after one more mixing exercise, begins to put all of the theory and exercises to use with painting the first still life painting of the course. Section 2 is a concentration on red, green, and their complementary color mixtures, so of course, the still life will have red and green subjects. Since this is the first still life painting and I want students to focus on mixing more than textures, I chose red and green peppers. Completed tonal painting for the first still life painting for my Basic Color Theory course. I paint using the indirect method, so naturally, I teach using the same process. I just finished and rendered the first lesson of the still life painting, which covers painting the tonal layer. I wanted to share a short clip of the lesson towards the end so you can see h

My Basic Color Theory Course Launches July 25!

March 14, 2022, is when I started to edit and produce my Basic Color Theory Course. When I started this project, I had no idea what it would take and how much I had to learn. Four months later, I am ready to launch the first section of the course! I have been teaching this course since 2011, and the recorded version of the course is the same as it was when I was teaching in person but on steroids. For the first time in my teaching history, students get a front-row seat right behind my shoulder and watch every brush stroke I make, how I work the paint on the palette even how I clean my brush. Students receive clear and precise instruction through real-time video and can pause or rewind the instruction. The one indisputable fact I have learned over the years is that not everyone learns at the same pace. I love this new format of sharing my drawing and oil painting instruction it allows students to work at their own pace. My Basic Color Theory course is a bundle of five sections, and each