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Fur..... fur....... and fur......

Now that the drawings are finished the writing work officially begins on my instructional drawing book “Draw Realistic Animals; Wildlife, Pets & More” today. I believe I have written the first chapter of my book although it’s the third chapter that will be in the book. This chapter focuses on the drawing of fur as I look at short, mid and long haired animals and I am using my drawings “Keri (Cat)” for the short hair demo, “Brodie (Dog)” for the mid length hair demo and finally my drawing “Kutokua Na Hatia (Colobus Monkey)” for the long hair demo. I have probably written much more than is needed for each demo so hopefully my editor will be able to shorten it and make me sound good! Next chapter is for the birds!


Recently my family experienced a loss which has brought us to a screeching halt. Although the loss of my mother-in-law is a very personal one to myself and especially my wife, I believe that I owe her this brief passage of gratitude. My relationship with my mother-in-law was probably the typical one that a son-in-law has with his wife’s mother, a relationship of giving each other a hard time but also laughing with each other too. But it isn’t my personal relationship that I want to talk about, it was her support of my art. Although I  am sure that she questioned her daughter about marrying an artist, with that being such a solid career choice. My mother-in-law supported my efforts from day one, she became a catalyst for my career. She was always one of the first people to purchase a new print as well as adding a few originals to her collection. Yes I know a family member buying your art isn't the same as a stranger buying a piece but when you walk through the halls of her house