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In return and he said a lion.

November 7, 2012 Two lions spotted at Silale Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, Africa Field Sketch Another field sketch drawn while in Africa, I delivered this to one of my collectors just a few weeks ago. I drew this little sketch back in my tent the night after we had the fortune of seeing two female lions on the edge of Silale swamp which doesn't look like a swamp. This sketch was the "warm up" for my drawing "Margin (Lion)" (I'll post about this drawing later). The collector who received this was extremely gracious enough to lend me his very nice camera body for my adventure in Africa, I asked him what I could give him in return and he said a lion. Well I of course couldn't bring a lion home but I could create a sketch of what I saw, two magnificent lions in the tall grasses of Africa. My collector was pleasantly surprised and asked if he could lend me his camera for my next adventure.

How Fantastic?

To a friend who loves cats! I had the honor and privilege last night to have dinner with a collector of my art who is also a very dear friend and present her with this field sketch from Africa. She was caught completely off guard because she had no idea that she was getting the sketch. I thought it was the least I could do since she has supported me over these many years not just with adding a few of my pieces to her collection but by telling me again and again that my work was good enough even when I thought different. This sketch was drawn in my tent the second night after I had the great fortune to have seen two female lions just on the rim of Silale swamp  which doesn't really look like a swamp. After another great day of game drives, a fantastic sunset by the fire pit with a glass of wine at Kikoti Camp and a superb dinner I went back to my tent to do a little sketching. The funny part about this little story was that I was awoken early in the morning, 4:30am, by a very

Drawing of a dog needed!!!

Commission wanted! I just received word from my editor that they are looking for one more drawing for my book titled “Draw Realistic Animals; Wildlife, Pets & More.” This book is being released in June 2014 and each drawing will be demonstrated in the book step by step. What I am I looking for is a portrait type piece to draw of a Dog with medium to long hair. If you in the Richmond, Virginia area we can do a quick photo shoot with your dog, if you do not live in the Richmond area then a very good reference photo will be required. The image will need to be clear and have very good lighting, it must have shadows. The drawing will be roughly around 6 x 9 on Arches 300# watercolor paper as all of my drawings are with the same level of finish as you seen in my other work. I will give a 10% discount from my commission price of the drawing as well as your drawing being featured in the book as a demo. If you are interested in having a commission of your dog created, having that draw

Been buried under graphite dust!

I apologize for not posting in awhile but I have been working long hours in the studio on an up coming book project. Here is a work in progress image of the current drawing on my drafting table, a Red-headed Agama Lizard. More Soon....