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The spell nature casts...

“Call of the Wild” Southwest Art Magazine February 2014 Issue  Written by Norman Kolpas . Robert and his work have been featured in the February 2014 issue of Southwest Art Magazine which should be making it's way to your local newsstand now. The article covers the road that brought Robert through his adolescent years, through college and to his current position as "a rising star among wildlife artists." We cordially invite you to pick up a copy of the February issue of Southwest Art or by clicking on the link below to read the PDF of the article . "Call of the Wild" "How fortunate that the spell nature casts upon Caldwell harmonizes perfectly with his other calling: art. Over the past decade, his love of the outdoors and his talent with graphite pencils and oil paints have combined to make the selfdesribed "traditional realist," now 41, a rising star among wildlife artists."