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​I know Kung Fu!

So, my grand idea moving forward is to offer several new instructional classes a month, short classes that are only a few hours, and multi-day classes. Both of which I want to prerecord so I can offer them immediately to the students who took the live online class. I didn’t realize the tremendous learning curve there would be in learning how to use and edit Adobe Premiere, a video editing program. I started Wednesday of this past week and just finished the promo video (Saturday at 10:15 pm) for my live online class Painting Technique - Cloud Study I that I am offering on September 2, 2020. I also put together the preliminary lessons that will need to be completed before the day of the class. My brain hurts immensely and my back hurts from parking my rear end in a chair for days on end but I am happy with the results. And I feel like Neo from the movie Matrix when he downloaded to his brain how to fight in martial arts and he turns to Morpheus and says “I know Kung Fu!” Of course, after