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"Red Berries (Song Sparrow)"

Presenting "Red Berries ( Song Sparrow )" Oil, 12 x 8 Finished this one up yesterday! Presenting "Red Berries ( Song Sparrow )," Oil on board measuring 12 x 8. This painting seemed to drag on a little longer than it should have but I am happy with the results. The idea and reference for this painting came from a hike behind my brothers house in northern Virginia several years back. I was in a dense part of the woods, everything seemed very gray and subdued except for this cluster of bright rich red berries.

"Strokes of Genius 2 The Best of Drawing Light and Shadow"

Coming in early October "Strokes of Genius 2: The Best of Drawing Light and Shadow" Pre-order your signed copy of the book, follow link to order. Robert's in "Strokes of Genius 2" I have two pieces included in the pages of this book, "Lookout" and "Your Majesty (Black Vulture)"

"What, where, and when..." Summer 2009

"What, where and when..." Summer 2009 The RL Caldwell Studio newsletter Follow link to read the Summer newsletter What, where and when...

Newsletter tuesday 11am

The RL Caldwell studio newsletter "What, where and when..." will go out Tuesday 8/11 around 11am, to receive your copy please follow the link to sign up - This issue of the newsletter covers the two big exhibits coming up in September along with some other exciting things happening in the studio and with my work.

"3 Gents" toned

Well its been a slow production week for me in the painting department but I did finish toning the canvas for my "3 Gents" painting. I love painting but I do find that if I can not get a stretch of solid time (at least 4-5 hours) to paint that I don't.