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New work from artists and students in my mentoring studio!

I often say that I have the privilege of working with some very talented artists in my Mentoring Studios. Each week brings new challenges, questions, and of course, new paintings and drawings. Below are a handful of recent works that were painted and drawn by some of the artists and students I work with. You will see that there is a wide range of subjects from stilllifes, animals, people to water and sunsets and different mediums. I hope you enjoy their new pieces! Stilllife, Oil by Paula Smith. Thursday evening mentoring studio. Wildlife, African Wild Dog, Oil by Jan Priddy. Tuesday morning mentoring studio. Wildlife, Snowy Egret, Graphite Pencil by Rich Turney. Thursday morning mentoring studio. Wildlife, Goldfinch, Oil by Cindy Paris. Thursday morning mentoring studio. Sunset, Oil by Mary Lee Wetzel. Thursday morning mentoring studio. Portrait, Graphite Pencil by Katharina Robinson. Thursday evening mentoring studio. Figure, Pastel by Sonya Richeson. Thursday evening mentoring studi