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WIP: Canal walk painting

Work in progress... Richmond Canal Walk painting, Oil Here is the current piece on the easel, lacking a title I refer to it as the Richmond Canal walk painting. I have just finished painting the first layer of color and now I am waiting for the paint to dry (hopefully over the weekend). Then painting measures 18" x 8" and the reference for this piece comes from a visit to downtown Richmond, Virginia along the Canal walk. Below the image of the full painting are two detail shots of the mother goose with her goslings and then the other shot is a close up of the brave one trying to get away! This painting will be finished in time to take to the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition and/or NatureWorks in February.

Happy New Year!

A couple of things going on in the studio... First... Presenting "Paused ( Crow )," Oil, 5 x 9 I finished this one up early last week just in time to get it ready for the upcoming Masterworks in Miniature 2010 exhibit at GalleryOne in Mentor, Ohio. I am very honored to be part of this annual exhibit which pulls together some of the nation's top talent. It is extremely exciting to have my work included. From previous posts, you may have noticed that I videotaped the complete process of creating this painting. I have already posted the first two parts, "Work in Progress ... Crow painting, under drawing part 1 & 2." They can be seen in the previous posting or on the RLCaldwell YouTube channel. Below is the next in the series, "Work in progress ... Crow painting, Toning the canvas." Adding the color will be in the next time-lapsed video. Enjoy! Second ... This is my current piece on the easel. The reference for this painting came from on