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New Blue Heron painting

Work in Progress... "Reflected Blue (Great Blue Heron) " This is the current painting on the easel, just a small one measuring 6 x 11. I hope to be able to get this one finished up in time to take to the up coming Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland.

Studio Fall Newsletter is out

What, Where, and When... Fall 2009 RL Caldwell Studio Newsletter See whats been going on with Robert's work and see what he has coming up! (Newsletter)

Presenting "Oystercatchers"

Here's the latest painting off the easel... Presenting "Oystercatchers" Oil on board, 12 x 6 The reference for this painting came from the same trip down to the Outer Banks that the "North Pond on Pea Island (White Ibis)" reference came from. That was a really great reference gathering weekend, I think that I have probably 3-4 more paintings that will come that visit. The best thing about this painting is the memory that it evokes... right before getting onto the beach at Oregon Inlet I turned onto the access ramp and what do I see in front of me a Mazda Miata buried to its axles in the sand. For those of you familiar with the Outer Banks and driving on the beaches with our four wheel drive vehicles can understand why I am chuckling while I write this. You can not drive on the beach on the Outer Banks unless you have a four wheel drive vehicle and one with sufficient clearance to get through the deep sand. Being the helpful person that I like to think that I am

"Three Gentlemen"

It's finished! Presenting "Three Gentlemen" Oil on board, 6 x 13 This piece came about from a visit to the Chesterfield Berry farm last year, which is just outside of Richmond, Virginia. We where there picking up pumpkins for Halloween when we came across the pens with all the farm animals inside. This piece is a good demonstration of how long I will have reference photos hanging around my studio before I get going on the painting. This painting (as soon as it dries) is destined for the 26th Annual Almost Miniatures show Francesca Anderson Fine Art Gallery Lexington, Massachusetts The exhibit opens November 20th and ends January 16th.

Roosters and Oystercatchers

I am currently working on two pieces, "3 gents" and a beach scene with some Oystercatchers. Both pieces have the first layer of color painted in and are ready for the last final detail layer to complete them. The Oystercatchers piece still needs to dry some more before moving on but the 3 Gents is ready now (or tomorrow morning). These along with a couple of other pieces are all going to the Waterfowl Festival in November, which is approaching fast!