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The next chapter... Africa!

Robert's Research & Reference trip to Tanzania, Africa September 24 – October 6, 2012     2011 marked the end of my first ten years as a professional “working” artist, and 2012 starts the next chapter of my career. Ten years ago when I decided to make the leap as a full-time artist, I knew I wanted to go to Africa. This year, I’m going.  You have watched my career and art develop over the past decade and maybe you even have one of my paintings, drawings or prints hanging on your wall. Let me tell you that it is the most humbling experience for me to walk into your home and see one of my creations hanging on your wall. I hear compliments from admirers of my work often but the greatest compliment that an artist can ever receive isn’t one that is voiced; it’s when you take the painting home. I would like you to join me in kicking off the second decade of my career as an artist. I would like to include you in my

READ Art Show & Sale

READ 2012 Art Show & Sale ARTISTS SUPPORT STUDENTS WITH DYSLEXIA February 24-25, 2012 The New Community School 4211 Heritage Road, Richmond,Virginia "Breakaway (Mallard duckling)" Oil on 1/2 prepared maple panel 16 x 20 Over 100 local and regional artists will participate in the fourth annual READ ArtShow & Sale to be held on Friday, February 24th and Saturday, February 25th to raise money for and to build awareness of The New Community School . The exhibition to be held at the school ( 4211 Hermitage Road, Richmond ) including Susan Dull, Anne Walker, Laura Loe, Janie Pinney, Ed Trask, Marti Fann and Robert Louis Caldwell. Using art to turn dyslexia around, this fundraiser ensures that students with language learning difficulties can READ and succeed. Opening Reception: Friday, February 24th, 6-9pm Entertainment by Susan Greenbaum Ticket $35 each ($40 at the door) Purchase online Open Free: Saturday,

A visual buffet of textures and colors!

Fresh off the easel! "Feathered Finials (Rock Pigeons) " Oil on 1/2 prepared maple panel 24 x 36 While at an art show in February 2010, I decided to take a break and head outside to see what interesting reference material I might find for a future painting. My good friend and fellow artist Julie Bender was up for a break as well so the two of us grabbed our cameras and took to the streets of historic downtown Charleston, SC. I was so entrenched in conversation that I was taking random shots of architecture — anything that looked interesting. I was completely unaware of this particular enticing scene that I had captured.  This painting provides a visual buffet of textures and colors — from the red crown of finials to the bronze roof tiles with the highly textured ends to the white-painted metal fascia dotted with specs of rust to the row of tarnished copper green scalloped finials — all topped

Limited Edition Print to one fan!

The art of Robert Louis Caldwell Become a Facebook fan and have a chance to be the lucky recipient of this print! Recipient is chosen after reaching 1500 fans!     "September Leaves (Tufted Titmouse)," Limited Edition Print, 12 x 7   We would like to thank Robert's Facebook fans by giving away a Limited Edition print to one of "The art of Robert Louis Caldwell" Facebook fans! Robert will randomly choose a Facebook fan as the lucky recipient of the above print "September Leaves (Tufted Titmouse)" . The lucky fan will be picked once the number of fans has reaches 1500 fans.   The chosen fan will have to be a current fan of the page and in the list of fans on "The art of Robert Louis Caldwell" Facebook page. The recipient will be chosen by using a random number generator and then counting backwards from the list of fans .  

Blue Heron block in...

Work in progress... "Dam Painting (Great Blue Heron)," Oil, 30 x 40 I am blocking in the first layer of color on the blue heron today and then onto the second final layer of color.