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Streaming LIVE from the studio today...

Streaming Live today from my studio around 9:30 am ET, US. I will be working on my current painting "B&B (Bengal Cats)" - I am in the process of painting the second layer of the trees in the background. You can watch here below or go to my Ustream channel . The chat stream is also below for you to leave comments. Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

Art of the Animal Kingdom XV

  Art of the Animal Kingdom XV Bennington Center for the Arts Bennington, Vermont June 12 - August 8, 2010   "Contemplation (Chimpanzee)," Graphite pencil, 6 x 15   My painting "Contemplation (Chimpanzee)" has been selected to appear at the 2010 Art of the Animal Kingdom exhibition , June 12 through August, 8, 2010, in Bennington, Vermont.   The Bennington Center for the Arts brings world-class fine art, history and theater to the residents and visitors of Southwestern Vermont. The center's permanent art collection, sales exhibitions, live theater and exhibits within the Covered Bridge Museum are available throughout the year.   Considered one of the most prestigious wildlife exhibitions in the country, this year's Art of the Animal Kingdom exhibit includes 80 pieces of art. Morten Solberg is this year's special guest artist and juror of the exhibition. He will also be giving a workshop at the Center the week prior to the opening of

What, where, & when… Spring 2010

My studio newsletter, What, where & when… Spring 2010 , was delivered yesterday to everyone's in-box! If you did not receive yours, you can see it here by following the link to web page that contains the newsletter and when you have a moment please sign up on the mail list so that the next newsletter and any announcements or show invites find their way to your in-box.   What, where, when… Spring 2010 Newsletter   This issue of the newsletter recaps the shows and exhibits of the last few months and announces the three prestigious museum exhibits coming up this summer and fall. You can see my newest work and what's available in the galleries and best of all, the link to the new monitor wallpaper and printable PDF , featuring my newest painting "Ginter Mausoleum (Morning Dove)."   1920 x 1080 wallpaper of "Ginter Mausoleum"  .

“What’s so great about easy?”

I have only really been in the "fine art world" for about 4 years now, you know the world of making a living and working full time as an artist. So far it has been a rollercoaster ride of adventure and discovery! The one major thing that I have discovered are all the great people in the art world. Over the past three years I have met some of the best wildlife artists in the world and I now call them my friends! Now with all these social media networks we all keep in touch almost on a daily basis, either talking about random things in the world to asking some advice on a current piece of art. I went kicking and screaming into Facebook but as many of you probably know by now, I communicate through Facebook almost every day. Back in April fellow artist Morten Solberg posted a "status update" referring to a statement that one of his children made about being an artist, the conversation stream was very meaningful. One of the comments was from my friend and fantastic ar