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New work from artists and students in my mentoring studios! (December 2022)

The artists and students I work with have been hard at work again. Below are several new paintings and drawings in various mediums, subjects, and artistic styles from a handful of the artists I work with. I love the joy they each experience once they have completed a new piece, and as always, we work through the difficulties and frustrations of the creative process. I hope you enjoy their new pieces! Are you interested in joining a mentoring studio? Visit my Drawing and Painting Instruction website at . I am also a Master Mentor with Matrius, where we meet monthly to receive feedback, suggestions, and critiques on current projects. Visit my profile page on Mastrius website at . Urban Landscape, Oil by Paula Smith. Thursday evening mentoring studio. Wildlife/Landscape, Oil by Pam Landreth. Tuesday morning mentoring studio. Nature/Landscape, Pastel by Sonya Richeson. Thursday evening mentoring studio. Wild