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Yes, you should go

  “In My Fathers Shadow” Oil on ½” gessoed panel, 20 x 16 Dedicated to my father, the man who encouraged me to enjoy the adventures of life. Where even to begin with this piece? I guess I should start with the summer of 1984 when I was eleven years old, and I had just finished my first week of Boy Scout camp. It was a great week spending time outdoors, camping, and all of the other things that go with being a Boy Scout. The older scouts were getting ready to go onto their second week of Scout camp, a 100-mile canoe trip in upstate New York, and I wanted to go. My father never batted an eye, absolutely no hesitation, “yes, you should go,” he said. On the other hand, my Mom didn't breathe easily again until I retired home safe. That was the adventure that started it all, and I have been getting out and enjoying all of the adventures that life has to offer. 1984 - Getting ready to go on my first adventure! My dad, myself, and my best friend Kendall Let's fast forward 35 years lat