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Catbird on the easel…

Work in progress… Gray Catbird with a concrete urn, for a lack of a better title for the time being. This image shows the urn and the background with the first layer of color blocked in. This is the toned canvas with the image completely drawn in.   This is a nice follow up to the last painting that I finished with the two Bengal Cats, back to the birds and it being a catbird. Perfect! I am also happy to be painting a piece with some architectural elements in it again. My favorite bird is the Belted Kingfisher but running up next would be the birds in the mimic family and especially the Gray Catbird . These birds have a beautiful song that can go on up to 10 minutes; they can be found amid dense shrub, vine tangles and thickets of young trees. Human development has helped to create these types of habitats in the form of clearings, fencerows, abandoned farmland, and residential areas. So my setting of the brick column with the concrete urn on it worked out perfect for this p