Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 to everyone. With the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition approaching rapidly I am starting the new year with a full palette. I had posted the start of a couple of new paintings before the holidays and below you can see the progress on two of them. I am currently working on five different paintings so over the next several weeks I will be bouncing from one to the other.

Below is the painting of the blue heron leaping from a tree top. The first layer of color is complete and now drying. There are also two detail images since this painting is large.

Here is the barn piece with the pigeons that I had penciled in before the holidays and is now toned. I will starting adding color to this today.

On another note... last night I spent several hours with several biologists, researchers, and avid birders netting saw-whet owls. Being late in the season we where thankful to capture one. Here is an image of the little gal after she had her checkup.

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