Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Return from SEWE

Wow, what a great time. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see my work in Charleston. Selling a piece of art is great but your comments and enthusiasm about my work are what I live for. As an artist, I spend a lot of time composing my images — making the finished art feel as though you can put your hand into it — and matching up the perfect frame, and these efforts were reflected in your comments. I had several people comment on my compositions, and many of you also commented on how the frames complement the pieces. But the best compliment was from the woman who said nothing at all but kept rubbing her finger over “At Rest,” trying to feel the words on the waterwheel. Her expression said everything I needed to hear. Thank you to everyone!

I want to take a quick moment out to say thank you to some others as well. I am fairly new to the national and international scene of wildlife art and with the 2007 Birds in Art and the 2008 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition I have met some great artists. These artists have accepted me into a tightly nit family that I am extremely happy to be part of. You can’t but help to smile and hold your head up high when your peers pat you on your back and tell you that you do great work. Please take some time out to visit the Web sites below and see the wonderful work that these artists due. I will also put links to their sites on the sidebar of this blog.

Thank you!

Ray Brown,
Terry Miller,
Wes and Rachelle Siegrist,
Dustin Van Wechel,
Thomas Brooks,
Mark Kelso,
Stephen Left,

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Anonymous said...

Robert-- I had a great time hanging out in Charleston. I am glad you had a good time and I look forward to seeing you at more shows in the future. Keep up the good work! All the best --- Ray