Monday, March 3, 2008

Waiting for paint

My next painting is ready for paint. Once again the setting is that of a barn. I love the challenge of painting the different textures of a surface that is well... deteriorating. You have the bumpy grain of the wood then the smoothness of the paint along with the irregular cracks and parts that are actually peeling. The nuthatch is perched on an old plow handle that has deep aged wood grains which are emphasized by the sun light.

I love the composition of this one. I feel that the diagonal of the plow handle breaks up the monotony of the vertical boards in the background and that the horizontal board on the bottom gives it just enough visual foundation.


Terry Miller said...

Hey Robert,
.... Agreed! This is a great composition. It will be fun to watch this one 'grow'.

Jennie Norris said...

I really love the composition of this. I love the rustic beauty of peeling paint. I only found you recently and will keep checking back to see what you are up to. I absolutely love your work. Birds are my favorite subject.

I recently started drawing again and seeing others work keeps me inspired. I can't wait till I've built up enough "good" drawings to look legitimate. How many hours a day / week do you spend drawing /painting?

You are truly talented!!

Robert Caldwell said...

Thank you for the kind words. The answer to your question is many!

I will be starting to lay in the paint on this one hopefully with in the next two weeks. Please visit back to see it progress.

Do you have a website? I would like to see some of your work.

Jennie Norris said...

Robert, I am in the process of building a web site. I don't have much to put on it yet but, I am building the frameworks and will add drawings as I get them done. I am working on 2 more drawings right now. and I have 3 more with reference and design sketched out. Just never enough time with a job getting in the way of my real passion! Hopefully very soon. In the meantime I have a blog.

Thanks for the interest. I will keep checking back to see your new work. I love the Rat by the way, good luck with the show. Jennie