Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Art and the Animal"

Well I am proud to announce that "2008 (Rat)" has been chosen to be in The Society of Animal Artists' 48th Annual Exhibition of "Art and the Animal." The Exhibit opens August 30, 2008 through November 2, 2008 at The Neville Public Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

"2008 (Rat)," Graphite Pencil, 4 x 16

I also wanted to share some photos from a research trip that I took with some wildlife biologist last Saturday searching for Box turtles. It was an extremely hot morning but we where able to find three turtles and one more that had already been captured before. Below is a photo of one of the captured three and beneath that are some photos of another box turtle that my neighbor and I came across while walking back from dropping our kids of at school. It is not every day that you find a turtle that has dug a nest and in the process of laying eggs - It was truly remarkable and made for an exciting Monday morning!

Box turtle captured by researchers awaiting work-up.

Box turtle digging a hole for her eggs.

Five eggs and resting.

Packing in the dirt.

Finally below is my progress on the Raccoon drawing. This is moving a bit slower than usual mainly because I am working on a paper that I do not normally work with. I like to use Arches 300lb. water color paper, cold press, but have been having some trouble with the paper picking on the last couple of drawings that I have done so I thought that I would try something new - Strathmore's Series 500 Bristol Board.

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Steven S. Walker said...

Congrats on the Art and the Animal exhibit!