Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back to work!!!

Back in the studio and back to work!

I would first like to make note that I have added another link to my links section. I have added a friend and fellow artist Steven Walker. I ran into him again at the artist reception for the "Art at the Mill" show in Millwood, Virginia. Steven's style has change so much since we went to school that I am just floored! Don't get me wrong he was excellent in school but his landscapes that he does now are just incredible. I hope one day to own one of his pieces. So check out his site!

Another note... I just shipped "Faded" off to Vermont for the Art of the Animal Kingdom XIII show which opens June 14th and runs though July 27th. "Faded" will be one of just over eighty pieces that where selected for this prestigious show.

"Faded," Oil, 12 x 24

Now to the current work at hand... a drawing of a raccoon. This little guy wondered up on the deck a year ago and gave me about an hour of shooting reference shots.

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