Monday, July 21, 2008

Presenting "Barnyard Goose"

I finished this up over the weekend, it is a nice little piece measuring 4" x 8". The contrast of the ruffled dark wing feathers and the smooth almost pure white tail feathers are what inspired me to do this particular drawing.

Below is the finished drawing and below that is a progress drawing. The reason I am showing this progress drawing is to show the point at which the piece becomes exciting to work on, I refer to this point as the "hook". Even with a composition sketch completed I will have allot of decisions to make and until the drawing or painting reaches the "hook" point I am in doubt if the piece is working or not. As you can see when the piece reaches the "hook" point all the foundations have been laid down and its just basically pure enjoyment to finish.

"Barnyard Goose (Graylag Goose)"
Graphite Pencil, 4 x 8

The "hook" point


Ray said...

Robert-- Nice goose! And also congrats on being included in the book. How do I get that gig? : ) --Ray

Robert Caldwell said...

Thank you Ray. As for getting that gig, I find that a well placed bribe works wonders! (Ha-ha)
Your Elk piece is coming along nicely!