Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"White Fence (Horse)"

Presenting "White Fence (Horse)" a graphite sketch that I started while in Tulsa and just completed yesterday. Someone asked me the difference between my Graphite drawings and my graphite sketches while at NatureWorks and I though it would be a good idea to explain here as well.
Simply put, the sketches are much looser than the drawings. I can work on and complete a sketch much faster than I do one of my drawings. I am not concerned about seeing the pencil lines in one of my sketches as I am in one of my drawings. The drawings are completely thought out (composed) before pencil ever makes a mark on the paper whereas on the sketches I will make changes as I go. Also my drawings are drawn on 300lb. Arches Watercolor paper and the sketches are done 140lb Arches watercolor paper. You wouldn't think that using a different pound paper would affect the outcome of a drawing so much but it does. The 300lb. paper gives me the ability to make subtle tonal variations and giving the drawing a soft look to it when completed. The only draw back to using the 300lb. paper is that you have to be extremely careful not to nick one of the cotton fibers, once that happens that fiber seems to attract any and all graphite to that section. Also you can not erase on the 300lb. paper. I am sure that you can erase on it but I have found that it does something to the tooth of the paper making it nearly impossible to get the effect that I want in my finished piece. There you have it, my drawings have rules and guidelines and my sketches are free flowing, ideas on paper .

"White Fence (Horse)," Graphite Sketch, 5 x 9


pencilportraits said...

Love the horse, very good artwork.

alex amarxon said...

one that eases the listener out of the track. “Scissor People” is the current highpoint for the 60s throwback psych movement, and one of the standout moments on a record that reinvents a genre.steel fence