Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trying something new...

A video posting...

Introducing my current painting [Ginter Mausoleum]


New painting on the easel this morning....

The Ginter Mausoleum in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia and yes it’s another mourning dove.

Canvas toned

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back at the easel... again!

Okay so my last posting was a bit premature in thinking that I was finished with being “under the weather” but hopefully (knocking on wood) I am through with the whole being sick thing and can now be back at my easel for the duration!

Today is my first full day back and I started painting the second layer of color on my painting “Ramsey’s Porch.” The background is finished and the railing is almost there as well. I hope to have the whole painting completed by tomorrow afternoon except for the mourning dove, which I will save until Monday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Painting again!!!!

Work in Progress...

"Ramsey's Porch" Oil painting - Adding color, layer one.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thank You Tulsa!

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed traveling out to Tulsa, Oklahoma visiting with my fellow artist, friends, collectors, and art enthusiast! It was an extremely busy week, first with a LIVE painting demonstration at Lovetts Gallery and then exhibiting at the 2010 Natureworks Wildlife art show & Sale.

The Lovetts Gallery Live painting demonstration was a great success with visitors in the gallery and people tuning in on the internet on “Over the Artists shoulder” my Ustream channel. Thank you to Jack and Waylon of Lovetts gallery for giving me the opportunity to paint at the gallery. I enjoyed answering all the questions of people in the gallery and from around the world on the internet. This was the first time that I have done a live broadcast and honestly was a bit nervous about it but overall I believe that it was a great success and look forward to doing it again. Jack and Waylon, you have a beautiful gallery, again thank you for that opportunity!

Set-up for Live painting demo at Lovetts gallery

"Faded" &  "Behind the Shed" at Lovetts Gallery

"Catchers in the Tide" at Lovetts Gallery

"Three Gentlemen" at Lovetts Gallery

* * *

Natureworks is an art show that I look forward to all year long! From the way it is set up, to the great people who put the show on and of course all of the wonderful people who come to Tulsa to see the show. This art show is truly a pleasure to attend and I thank you for once again inviting me back this year! The group of individuals who work so diligently to organize this event are owed so much for their efforts, I wish that my sincere gratitude expresses my appreciation for all that you do. Attending this show is so much more than exhibiting and selling your artwork… it’s about being part of something greater than your own individual artwork, its being part of a family. A family that I look forward to visiting with each year and work extremely hard to see the next year. To everyone in Tulsa who works to put Natureworks on, I thank you! The 2010 show was another great success!

* * *

While in Tulsa I had the opportunity to visit with some of my collectors. Having the chance to sit down and enjoy a quiet meal with you is a rare treat. I love to meet the people who add my work to their collections, to find out what excited them about the piece and to see the expressions on their face when they describe the first time they saw the piece. Wednesday night I had the fortune to sit down and have dinner with the collectors who purchased “At Rest” and found out that the gentlemen and I have a lot in common regarding the Boy Scouts. We had both hiked the trails of Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico; I then learned how Tulsa has a link to Philmont Scout Ranch and of course to the Philbrook Museum. You just never know what you will learn!

* * *

To my fellow artists, my friends… you all are the best! I never new four years ago that I would look forward to these shows that we all attend not for the chance to sell our work but to visit with you!!! Julie you are the greatest and have become a dear friend! Paul once again being in the booth next to you was a treat but not as much as carting your truck half way across the country with a sculpture of a hippo in the bed. The expressions on people’s faces as they drove by then slowed down to do a double take are priceless! Mel (thanks for the trade) and Amy the Tulsa show would not be the same without you both! Lyn… what can I say, you’re an angel. I deeply appreciate your much needed words of encouragement Sunday night, Thank you! Dustin, Wes, Rachelle, Jan, Jay, Joni, Terry, and Tim I had a great time visiting with you all over the weekend! Thanks for the trade Wes & Rachelle I am honored to have one of your alls pieces hanging on my wall. Hey Dustin let me know if I owe you for breakfast.

Now back to work…