Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back at the easel... again!

Okay so my last posting was a bit premature in thinking that I was finished with being “under the weather” but hopefully (knocking on wood) I am through with the whole being sick thing and can now be back at my easel for the duration!

Today is my first full day back and I started painting the second layer of color on my painting “Ramsey’s Porch.” The background is finished and the railing is almost there as well. I hope to have the whole painting completed by tomorrow afternoon except for the mourning dove, which I will save until Monday!

1 comment:

Dors said...

Great to see you back in your studio again.
What a wonderful experience at the Lovetts Gallery. Looks a fantastic place with a wonderful atmosphere.

Sorry you have been sick and hope you are well again now. Look forward to seeing the finish of Ramsey's Porch.