Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birds in Art 2010

I am extremely honored to announce that my painting "Ramsey's Porch (Mourning Dove)" has the prestigious honor to be included in the 2010 Birds in Art exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, September 11 through November 14, 2010, in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Organized annually since 1976 by the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Birds in Art presents the very best contemporary artistic interpretations of birds and related subject matter. Each year, a jury selects approximately 100 works to take part in the exhibit. This year, 547 artists from around the world submitted 922 pieces of art. Robert is one of approximately 115 juried artists selected for the exhibit; the show will also include the work of many master wildlife artists.

"Ramsey's Porch (Mourning Dove)," a 14- by 7-inch oil painting captures one of those moments in life that's there for a short moment and then gone forever. "We were visiting our good friend Matt Ramsey and his family in Nashville, over my son's spring break in 2009. I met Matt while attending Virginia Commonwealth University, where we were both art students looking to become illustrators. Things change … I, of course, am not an illustrator, and Matt is an outstanding singer and songwriter, which is why he and his family live in Nashville. I don't get to see Matt very often, so I cherish the time that I do get to visit.

"Matt and I were up early, with a cup of his strong coffee in hand. Our wives were still asleep and my son and his daughter were sitting on the sofa watching one of those goofy kid's shows that only children like. Enjoying our coffee on that overcast morning, looking out his backdoor, a mourning dove was just perched on the deck railing looking very content and making the best out of his spot on that railing. Matt and I watched that dove for a half hour; finally we just turned to each other and without a word, raised our coffee mugs, nodded to each other and we both agreed with the dove … we are making the best out of our little spot."

In one of my recent video blog updates, on my YouTube channel, I discuss my painting "Ramsey's porch (Mourning Dove)" and talk a bit about the Birds in Art exhibit. You can see the video below or by visiting my channel.

"Ramsey's Porch" and Birds in Art (1)

Birds in Art opens September 11, coinciding with Wausau's Artrageous Weekend, a two-day, three-event art extravaganza on both sides of the Wisconsin River: Art in the Park at Marathon Park, Festival of Arts in downtown Wausau and Birds in Art at the Woodson Art Museum.

For more information, visit www.lywam.org, or you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.


teresa stieben said...

wonderful, congratulations.

Robert L Caldwell, Artist said...

Thank you Teresa!

Clive Meredith said...

well done robert,hope you have a good show