Tuesday, May 11, 2010

“Ginter Mausoleum (Mourning Dove)”

Presenting "Ginter Mausoleum (Mourning Dove)"…

"Ginter Mausoleum (Mourning Dove)"
Oil, 16 x 8

Richmond Virginia has a beautiful cemetery named Hollywood cemetery. Strolling through the signal lane roads and walking among the tomb stones you can really encounter an abundant amount of history. This cemetery is the resting place for two United States presidents, the only Confederate States president, and many Confederate generals. It was designed in the rural garden style and its name came from the many holly trees on the property. Also nestled among the tomb stones is the final resting place of prominent businessman, army officer and philanthropist Lewis Ginter.

It was one morning while walking in the cemetery that I approached the mausoleum where Lewis Ginter rests that I saw the light playing off the ribs of the top of the mausoleum. It was such a beautiful and peaceful moment. Then as I was admiring the lighting, textures and the character of the structure this mourning dove lands for a brief moment completing the scene. I quickly pulled out the sketch book, did a rough sketch, made notes and captured the needed reference for the painting "Ginter Mausoleum (Mourning Dove)."


Terry Miller said...

Hey Robert, this turned out just wonderfully. You should be quite pleased.

Robert L Caldwell, Artist said...

Thanks Terry, yes I am happy that I didn't rush it to beat the BIA deadline. I think I pushed the composition a bit but it works well!