Friday, June 11, 2010

Art of the Animal Kingdom XV

Art of the Animal Kingdom XV
Bennington, Vermont
June 12 - August 8, 2010

"Contemplation (Chimpanzee)," Graphite pencil, 6 x 15


My painting "Contemplation (Chimpanzee)" has been selected to appear at the 2010 Art of the Animal Kingdom exhibition, June 12 through August, 8, 2010, in Bennington, Vermont.


The Bennington Center for the Arts brings world-class fine art, history and theater to the residents and visitors of Southwestern Vermont. The center's permanent art collection, sales exhibitions, live theater and exhibits within the Covered Bridge Museum are available throughout the year.


Considered one of the most prestigious wildlife exhibitions in the country, this year's Art of the Animal Kingdom exhibit includes 80 pieces of art. Morten Solberg is this year's special guest artist and juror of the exhibition. He will also be giving a workshop at the Center the week prior to the opening of the show.


Last summer I spent the day at the Zoo gathering reference of the animals and this chimpanzee was just sitting there for about two hours. It had this look of concentrating with all its might, trying to discover the answer to problems of the world. Well I don't know if the chimpanzee ever discovered the answer to its question and if it did it's keeping the answer to itself but I left the zoo knowing I was going to draw that moment. The long composition on the drawing I felt was necessary to illustrate the depth of the chimpanzee's contemplation.

Watch me talk about my original graphite drawing and the upcoming exhibit Art of the Animal Kingdom XV on my YouTube channel.

"Contemplation prepares to go to Bennington, Vermont."

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