Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Group Exhibit at Berkley Gallery

  Group Exhibit
Berkley Gallery
Warrenton, Virginia
October 9-23
Artists’ reception: Saturday, October 9, 4-8 p.m.

Robert will be exhibiting his newest work at Berkley Gallery October 9-23. This group exhibit, also featuring artists Michael Godfrey, Ed Hatch, Michael Davis, Brad Stevens and Dennis Perrin, will open with an artists’ reception on Saturday, October 9, from 4-8 p.m.

Located on the corner of Second and Main in historic Warrenton, Virginia, Berkley Gallery showcases more than 40 artists and has been warmly welcomed by art collectors in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C., area.

Please join Robert on his Studio Facebook page and visit the events tab for this exhibition, join in on the conversation and leave comments about the upcoming show!

For more information, visit Robert's news page on his website.
For more information about the gallery visit www.berkleygallery.com


Monday, September 20, 2010

"Millwood Road (Grey-Cat Bird)"


I just finished this up on Saturday in time for it to dry and have ready for the Group Exhibition at Berkley Gallery in Warrenton, Virginia, October 9-23, 2010 with the artists’ reception on Saturday October 9, 2010 from 4-8 Pm.

“Millwood Road (Grey-Cat Bird)

As always, I am drawn to architectural elements, especially those with character and age. This particular brick pillar and concrete urn sit at the entrance to a country estate in northwest Virginia, a horse farm, I think. The Burwell-Morgan Mill, a working historic grist mill is just up the street, and twice a year they hold an art show that is extremely popular in the area. I would exit off Route 50 and turn onto Millwood Road (State Route 723) to drop off my painting and drawings for the show and would always pass these beautiful entrance gates to the estates and horse farms on Millwood Road. Finally, on one trip up to Millwood, I stopped, parked my car, grabbed my camera and walked along the road, capturing images for future reference. I was standing at the entrance gate of this country estate, looking at the brick pillar and the urn, admiring the orange lichens and the subtle green moss areas that probably explode after a rain shower when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds and lights the pillar perfectly. Immediately, I started taking pictures and putting a composition together in my head, thinking what bird should perch on this pillar? Just then, I hear meowing from the shrubbery off to the side and, from the corner of my eye, see a cat pop out from under the brush. This distracts me just enough that I turn my head to look at the cat. Not really interested in capturing the feline on film, I look back at the brick pillar to get a few more images and to my amazement is this beautiful grey-cat bird perched on the top of the brick pillar … Perfect!

So the question is, was it the cat I heard or the bird?


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Streaming LIVE from the studio today...

Streaming Live today from my studio!

I will be working on my current painting "Cat on Route 625" - I am in the process of painting the second and final layer of color on the Gray Cat bird. You can watch here below or go to my Ustream channel. The chat stream is also below for you to leave comments.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Birds in Art opening!

Birds in Art
Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum
Wausau, Wisconsin
September 11 – November 14, 2010


Robert's painting "Ramsey's Porch (Mourning Dove)" has the prestigious honor to be included in the 2010 Birds in Art exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, September 11 through November 14, 2010, in Wausau, Wisconsin. 

Organized annually since 1976 by the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Birds in Art presents the very best contemporary artistic interpretations of birds and related subject matter. Each year, a jury selects approximately 100 works to take part in the exhibit. This year, 547 artists from around the world submitted 922 pieces of art. Robert is one of approximately 115 juried artists selected for the exhibit; the show will also include the work of many master wildlife artists. 

"Ramsey's Porch (Mourning Dove)," a 14- by 7-inch oil painting captures one of those moments in life that's there for a short moment and then gone forever. "We were visiting our good friend Matt Ramsey and his family in Nashville, over my son's spring break in 2009. I met Matt while attending Virginia Commonwealth University, where we were both art students looking to become illustrators. Things change … I, of course, am not an illustrator, and Matt is an outstanding singer and songwriter, which is why he and his family live in Nashville. I don't get to see Matt very often, so I cherish the time that I do get to visit. 

"Matt and I were up early, with a cup of his strong coffee in hand. Our wives were still asleep and my son and his daughter were sitting on the sofa watching one of those goofy kid's shows that only children like. Enjoying our coffee on that overcast morning, looking out his backdoor, a mourning dove was just perched on the deck railing looking very content and making the best out of his spot on that railing. Matt and I watched that dove for a half hour; finally we just turned to each other and without a word, raised our coffee mugs, nodded to each other and we both agreed with the dove … we are making the best out of our little spot."

Watch Robert talk about his painting "Ramsey's Porch (Mourning Dove)"
in the video clip "Ramsey's Porch & Birds in Art"
Birds in Art opens September 11, coinciding with Wausau's Artrageous Weekend, a two-day, three-event art extravaganza on both sides of the Wisconsin River: Art in the Park at Marathon Park, Festival of Arts in downtown Wausau and Birds in Art at the Woodson Art Museum.

For more information, visit www.lywam.org, or you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Robert joins the faculty at ArtHaus!

Robert joins 

ArtHaus Visual Arts Studio


Robert joins the faculty at ArtHaus Visual Arts Studio in Midlothian, VA. were he will be teaching the Adult and Teen Drawing and Painting classes. The school is located at 1811 Huguenot Road, #304, it has two studios in the front perfect for drawing and watercolor classes, demonstrations and lectures. In the back of the school it has two large rooms one which is the ceramics studio with a kiln and the last studio will be great for a painting studio. After seeing the school Robert said "I wish there had been a space like this when I was going up!"

Robert will be offering many different classes and workshops through ArtHaus from the beginner to advance in drawing and painting. The classes are designed to build on one another, Basic drawing to understanding value, a class on composition and color leads to being a better painter. The list of class offerings is on the rlcaldwell.com website. Robert is teaching three classes to start with in September, Drawing Fundamentals, Personal Imagery Studio, and Portfolio Development.

For more information about the classes that Robert will be offering at ArtHaus Visual Arts Studio, visit the "Classes and Workshops" page on the rlcaldwell.com website.


ArtHaus is owned by Art Educator Meg Foster who taught art in Chesterfield County Public Schools for over 13 years. Meg started ArtHaus as way to return part time to her passion of teaching art to young children. The company name came from the Bauhaus art movement of the 1920's and 30's. The infamous school was founded by several well known artists including Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (known to have coined the phrase, "Less is more"). Who could ask for better inspiration? The German word "haus" translates as "warm home" and is very metaphoric in how we view ArtHaus. It is the goal of ArtHaus to provide an inspiring and creative environment where every student feels celebrated as a developing artist.

ArtHaus can also be found on Facebook and twitter.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Art and the Animal opens today!

Art and the Animal

Society of Animal Artists'

50th Annual Exhibition

San Diego Natural History Museum
San Diego, California
September 4 - October 31, 2010


The Society of Animal Artists' 50th Annual Art and the Animal exhibition opens today at the San Diego Natural History Museum in San Diego California. This is the society's 50th annual exhibition of the world's best wildlife artists. The jury this year had the overwhelming task of selecting from 434 submissions by 256 artists. 

The list of the honored artists is…

Sue deLearie Adair
Al Agnew
John N. Agnew
...Karen Allaben-Confer
Douglas Allen
Charles Allmond
Tom J. Altenburg
William Alther
Paul Apps
Patti Lynn Arbino Julie G. Askew
Gerald G. Balciar
John Banovich
Barbara Lee Banthien
Al Barnes
Robert Bateman
Cheryl Gervais Battistelli
Julie Bell
Renee Bemis
Julie Bender
Linda Besse
Thomas J. Bishop
Allen Blagden
Peta Boyce
Burt Brent
Carel P. Brest van Kempen
George Bruce Bumann
Robert L. Caldwell
Dan Chen
Tim W. Cherry
James Coe
Guy Coheleach
Guy Combes
Randall Louis
Compton Carrie Cook
Robert Anthony Cook
Anni Marie Crouter
Patricia M. Davis
Andrew Wesley Denman
Kim Diment
Paul Bruce Dixon
Mick Doellinger
Kathleen E. Dunn
Lori Anne Dunn
Leslie H. Evans
Melanie Fain
Anne Faust
James Fiorentino
Lindsey Foggett
Susan Fox
Sharon S. Fullingim
Daniel B. Glanz
Veryl Goodnight
Shawn K. Gould
Peter Clinton Gray
Simon David Gudgeon
Hap Hagood
Nancy Halliday
Judith Hartke
Nancy Howe
Cary C. Hunkel
Nicolay Georgievich Ivanov
Pat Jackman
Brian Jarvi
Joni Johnson-Godsy
Lars Ossian Jonsson
James R Kiesow
John Kobald
Kim Kori
Brent A. Langley
Karen Latham
Rebecca Latham
Patsy J. Lindamood

Janeice Linden
Rob James MacIntosh
Roger A. Martin
Jeanette Martone
Walter T. Matia
Chris David McClelland
Jan Martin McGuire
Darin Miller
Terry Miller
Sumner David Misenheimer
Sean Murtha
Ken Newman
Marilyn Newmark
Leo E. Osborne
Dan Ostermiller
Dino Paravano
Victoria A. Parsons
Rick Pas
Patricia Pepin
Louise M. Peterson
David Petlowany
Bryce Pettit
Anne Peyton
John Charles Pitcher
Stephen C. Quinn
Donald Carl Rambadt
David Rankin
Gamini Ratnavira
Diana Reuter-Twining
Paul Rhymer
Martiena R. Richter
Julia Rogers
Linda Rossin
Kenneth R. Rowe
Jonathan Paul Sainsbury
Sherry Salari Sander
Laurence Saunois
Sharon K. Schafer
Lindsay Scott
Sandy Scott
John Seerey-Lester
Cathy Sheeter
Rachelle Siegrist
Wes Siegrist
Kelly Lea Singleton
Roger G. Smith
Morten E. Solberg
Heather D Soos
Lyn St.Clair
Gary Thomas Staab
Pati Stajcar
Eva Stanley
Debbie Lynn Stevens
Tiffany Stevenson
Joseph H. Sulkowski
Mark A Susinno
Francis Edward Sweet
Fred W. Thomas
Dana Lee Thompson
France Tremblay
Debra L. Trent
David H. Turner
Kent Ullberg
Diane S. Versteeg
Lani Vlaanderen
Joe Weatherly
Dale A. Weiler
Sue Westin
Kay Witherspoon
Steve Worthington
Scott Yablonski
Aaron C. Yount

Art and the Animal exhibition

San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego, CA
September 4 - October 31, 2010
A Gala Artist's Reception, open to the public, will be held at the museum on the afternoon of Saturday, September 4, 2010.

- November 20, 2010 - February 21, 2011: The Wildlife Experience, Parker, CO

- March 13 - April 10, 2011: Dunnegan Gallery Of Art, Bolivar, MO

- April 30 - September 5, 2011: Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum Of Natural History, Norman, OK


Robert's painting "At Rest" has the honor to be included in the 2010 Art and the Animal, the Society of Animal Artists' 50th Annual Exhibition, to be held at the San Diego Natural History Museum from September 4 through October 31, 2010, in San Diego, California.

"At Rest," a 40- by 32-inch oil painting, captures an unlikely perch for a sleeping mourning dove at Aldie Mill, a historic working gristmill located outside of Washington, D.C. "Normally, the mill is filled with the sound of water cascading over the wheel," Robert says. "On this day, the mill was at rest and offered the mourning dove a chance to do the same. Though the scene may appear static, the repetition of the waterwheel's spokes and bolts creates a perceived sense of action and movement that balances the sleeping dove."

For more information, visit www.societyofaniamlartists.com. You can also find them on Facebook.

"At Rest" also had the prestigious honor of exhibiting in the 2007 Birds in Art at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.