Thursday, June 9, 2011

A deterrent to witches?

Work in Progress...
Cardinal Painting on Finial

The current painting on my easel is that of a female cardinal on a concrete finial that decorates a brick pillar outside of one the many historic houses on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. The painting is currently in the first block in of color stage and just has the cardinal left to be painted, which will be done shortly.

Finials are used as architectural elements commonly seen at the apex of a gable, along the top and corners of buildings to serve as decorative motif. We see smaller finials today used as curtian rod ends and on furniture but they were once belived to act as a deterent to witches. Apparently a witch on a broomstick could not land on a persons roof that had a finial. Hmmmm..... I see the making of title at hand!

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