Saturday, July 16, 2011

Went to the National Zoo

I took the day off and drove up to Washington DC  and went to the national zoo with my studio assistant (my little boy). What a beautiful day for a visit to the zoo but half of the animals are gone due to the construction that they are doing. The new elephant habitat is amazing and looks to be about 3-4 larger than it was. I did spend some decent time with the birds, shouldn't be a surprise, and hope that I got some decent shots in.

Always a hit is the reptile house although I don't ever see me using any of the animals there as reference. I am not a fan of reptiles! But my favorite shot of the day (from my camera phone, I haven't uploaded my camera pictures yet) is the one below. And my little studio assistant agrees with me!

Has anyone else been to the National zoo recently and seen all the improvements that they are making? Your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I haven't been in a while but I do know they were doing some remodeling. The reptile house happens to be my favorite and what a great shot you took! I think you should use this as a reference for one of your pieces. I just cannot believe how big all the reptiles are at the zoo-seems to me like they are doing a pretty good job.