Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The color that you can't see yet.

Work in Progress…

"Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (Temporary title)"

Another one ready for paint! I finished up the under drawing for “Scissor-tail flycatcher (Temporary title)” yesterday and I am now looking forward to blocking in some color on this very shortly.

For me this painting is not about the bird but about the textures and color of the rust in the background, the color that you of coarse cannot see as of yet. A friend I were walking the fields of Oklahoma the last time I was visiting Tulsa and he was helping me find some oil pumps. I really would like to paint a couple of oil pumps, don’t ask me why because I couldn’t tell you any other reason other than I find them extremely interesting from a compositional stand point. Well, all the oil pumps that we found had a line that traced back to a retaining drum, not extremely large but large enough. We found this one which just looked like it hadn’t been maintained in years and I just had to paint it! Haven’t you ever seen something that YOU HAD to paint?!?

Anyway the rust is going to be made up of these amazing burnt sienna’s and cadmium oranges that will help to emphasize the orange and bit of red on the Scissor-tail flycatcher. 

Off to paint………..

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