Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not a usual perch...

 Two works in progress...

So I have started two more compositions before starting to push some paint on the previous two compositions that  I have ready.  I have these ideas bouncing around in my head and I just needed to get them down in my sketch book and worked out which inevitably leads me to preparing a board with gesso and then starting the under drawing.

The on that I am working on currently (above) is of a Scissor-tailed flycathcher from Oklahoma perched on the handle of a very large oil drum, agian from Oklahoma. Can you guess where this is going once its finished? This is not a usual perch for this bird but its the oil drum with all of its textures and the simple geometric shapes that it creates that interests me and thats why I am painting it. I checked with several sources to see if a scissor-tail would perch on such a spot and most of them said yes so I feel confident moving forward with this painting.

One other piece that is now ready for paint is the one below of a Lark Sparrow, again from one of my trips out to Oklahoma. This one measures 8 x 16 and is more simple in design but will be a lot of fun to paint!

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