Monday, March 12, 2012

3.17.12 Demo painting for Lovetts

My demo painting...

During the opening of the "Out on a Whim" exhibit at Lovetts Gallery on March 17, 2012 I will be working in the gallery on this painting above. The piece isn't quite ready for paint yet but since the demo isn't until Saturday I will have plenty of time to finish the under drawing on my way out to Tulsa, Oklahoma. And even though it isn't done yet I can already start feel the nice deep shadows of the "I" beam and the great textures of the rusted metal. Yes! More rusted metal!

The reference for this painting came from my visit to Tulsa last March when a friend and I went out in the eastern fields of Tulsa looking for different and interesting things that I could paint. And now that I am headed back to Tulsa for the opening of the exhibit I thought it was a great time to start painting this particular piece.

By now you are probably asking yourself what is the Wren perched on? Any thoughts?


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