Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Exotic Vacation, it is not

Africa 2012 Journal/Sketchbook Entry:

"Today I received my passport! This is basically my green light to offically move forward with all plans. Booking the flight and paying for the Safari. What a major weight off of my shoulders."

Well it has officially begun, Africa 2012! With today's mail came a highly enticapted delivery... My passport! This was the missing piece of the puzzle that I have been scrambling to fit into place. This posting also marks what will be the first of many that will document my journey to Africa. There is a lot more than just buying tickets and jumping on a plane. Proper planning and prep work will go far on a research trip like this.

Although it may seem like this is an exotic vacation, it is not. The several months leading up to my departure will be filled with intense studying of the wildlife that I am likely to encounter. Things like animal behavior, their markings for proper identification, when and were to observe them are all highly important.

The most important issue that I came across so far was, "What animals am I likely to encounter in Tarangire National Park?" Thankfully my friend and fellow artist Jan Martin McGuire sensed my anguish on a Facebook post and has thankfully sent me a list of what I am to likely see, and its a long list!

So it is with my copy of "The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals," plenty of "durable tabs" and Jan's list that I leave you now to go and mark the places in the book and start my studies.



Sharon Whitley said...

Oh wow what a trip that will be - it's my dream to go on safari - I'll do it one day combined with a hike up Kilamanjaro! Have an amazing time!

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