Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Serendipity and Elephants


Graphite pencil on watercolor paper
7 x 10

Fresh off the drafting table and inspired by my recent studies of African Elephants coupled with a few incidents of serendipity that have happened recently I present my newest drawing “Serendipity (African Elephant).” You can see from my last posting, “60 gallons of water a day!” that I have been studying Elephants preparing myself for my upcoming trip to Africa and from the posting before that, “Serendipity and the 3 Princes,” I wrote about my recent encounters with serendipity. It was these two events that inspired me to draw my newest drawing and title it “Serendipity.”

In my previous post, “Serendipity and the 3 Princes,” I wrote that I hope to find three young bull elephants while in Africa and compose a painting based on this story. Until then this drawing will have fill that desire.

“Serendipity (African Elephant)” will be on exhibit at the upcoming group show with the Gallery of Artists at the Irving Arts Center in Irving, Texas on September 14-16, 2012. Please visit the events page on my website for more information. (Click here)


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