Friday, October 12, 2012

Four new at Berkley Gallery

Four new pieces arrive at Berkley Gallery...

Last week I dropped off four new pieces to Berkley Gallery in Historic Old Town Warrenton, Virginia. "Serendipity (African Elephant),”  "Striped Horse (Zebra),”  "North Pond on Pea Island (White Ibis),” and “Longhorn” are all now hanging on the walls in the gallery. Berkley has been representing me for roughly five years now and it is very nice to have an east coast gallery within driving distance!

I hope you have an opportunity to visit the gallery to see my new work.

"Serendipity (African Elephant)"
Graphite pencil on watercolor paper
7 x 10

 "Striped Horse (Zebra)"
Graphite Pencil on Arches #300 watercolor paper
6 x 10


Graphite pencil on watercolor paper
7 x 11

I am also happy to announce an upcoming show in April 2013 that I will be part of at Berkley Gallery where I will have some of my first paintings from my Africa adventure! Please check back on my events page of my website periodically for when the dates are sent and more information becomes available.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yearlong exhibit!

Rockwood Nature Center

A yearlong exhibition at Rockwood Nature Center

October 1, 2012 - September 30, 2013

"Bobwhite," Oil painting by artist Robert Louis Caldwell"Breakaway," Oil painting by artist Robert Louis Caldwell"Fiesty," Oil painting by artist Robert Louis Caldwell

Robert has the honor of having his work on exhibit at the Rockwood Nature Center in Chesterfield, Virginia, for the next year. Several of his wildlife paintings and drawings can be seen throughout the nature center along with exhibits of live animals from the surrounding area. Robert is very excited about this opportunity to exhibit his work so close to home and looks forward to sharing his passion of wildlife through his paintings and drawings with the visitors of the Rockwood Nature Center.

Rockwood Nature Center
Rockwood Nature Center

Rockwood Nature Center is dedicated to educating children and adults about our environment,” says Robert Smet, the center’s director. “Art plays a critical role in conveying the beauty and wonder of the natural world. We believe that exposing our visitors to the work of noted artists opens the door to an appreciation of and fascination with the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis.”

In addition to an exhibit hall giving visitors an up-close view of some of Virginia’s native wildlife including snakes, turtles and frogs, Rockwood Nature Center — the only county-operated nature center in Chesterfield — provides a variety of educational programs for the public, school groups, homeschoolers and other organizations. The log cabin-style facility is nestled by the forest in Rockwood Park.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Ginter Mausoleum" 1 of 81 on exhibit!

Robert Louis Caldwell cordially invites you to...

Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibit 2012
Ohio Valley Art League
Henderson Fine Arts Center
Henderson, Kentucky
October 13 - November 26, 2012

Oil on board
16 x 8

Robert's painting "Ginter Mausoleum (Morning Dove)" will be one of 81 works on exhibit during the 2012 Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibit held at the Henderson Fine Arts Center in Henderson, Kentucky.
The Ohio Valley Art League (OVAL) was founded in September 1991 to promote the visual arts in Henderson, Kentucky and the Tri-State. OVAL organized the first Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibit in 1994 with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources as the co-sponsor. This biennial exhibit attracts top wildlife artists from across the nation and is now considered one of the top wildlife exhibitions in the nation.

"Ginter Mausoleum (Morning Dove)" is a 16 by 8-inch oil painting that captures a beautiful mausoleum in Richmond, Virginia's historical Hollywood cemetery. Strolling through the signal lane roads and walking among the tombstones you can really encounter an abundant amount of history. This cemetery is the resting place for two United States presidents, the only Confederate States president, and many Confederate generals. It was designed in the rural garden style and its name came from the many holly trees on the property. Also nestled among the tombstones is the final resting place of prominent businessman, army officer and philanthropist Lewis Ginter.
It was one morning while walking in the cemetery that I approached the mausoleum where Lewis Ginter rests that I saw the light playing off the ribs of the top of the mausoleum. It was such a beautiful and peaceful moment. Then as I was admiring the lighting, textures and the character of the structure this mourning dove lands for a brief moment completing the scene. I quickly pulled out the sketch book, did a rough sketch, made notes and captured the needed reference for the painting "Ginter Mausoleum (Mourning Dove)."