Friday, October 12, 2012

Four new at Berkley Gallery

Four new pieces arrive at Berkley Gallery...

Last week I dropped off four new pieces to Berkley Gallery in Historic Old Town Warrenton, Virginia. "Serendipity (African Elephant),”  "Striped Horse (Zebra),”  "North Pond on Pea Island (White Ibis),” and “Longhorn” are all now hanging on the walls in the gallery. Berkley has been representing me for roughly five years now and it is very nice to have an east coast gallery within driving distance!

I hope you have an opportunity to visit the gallery to see my new work.

"Serendipity (African Elephant)"
Graphite pencil on watercolor paper
7 x 10

 "Striped Horse (Zebra)"
Graphite Pencil on Arches #300 watercolor paper
6 x 10


Graphite pencil on watercolor paper
7 x 11

I am also happy to announce an upcoming show in April 2013 that I will be part of at Berkley Gallery where I will have some of my first paintings from my Africa adventure! Please check back on my events page of my website periodically for when the dates are sent and more information becomes available.


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