Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thirty Three, Part 1

A conservation project in the making...

Over the last two weeks I have been working with a producer to create a unique video for a project that I hope will raise $1650 for African Wildlife Trust to help in the anti-poaching campaign for elephants. Below is our "test" video of my current piece on the drawing board, "Three Camels." We still have some issues to resolve especially a consistent light source which means I will probably have to block my window for the duration of this project but it for a good cause.

This project will raise $1650  through  the sale of a special Conservation Limited Edition print and DVD package that my producer and myself are collaborating on. I will have more details coming out in the next two-three weeks but to give you a bit of the idea behind this, there will be only 33 prints. Through this campaign I personally hope to raise $1650 and then have a call to action that will raise an additional $1650 in contributions to AWT that will total $3300. This represents the 33 elephants a day that are killed in Tanzania along.


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