Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hard at work in the studio

Well the holidays are over and I am back to work in the studio. Actually I have been back working for awhile now, I just felt like I didn't have much to show. But before I get into that, I want to mention a special blog that has gone up over the holidays, "Artists for Lyn." Lyn St. Clair is a fellow artist who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Like so many artists Lyn is without health insurance. She is painting but the bills are going to be piling up as medical bills do, and so we are launching an on-line gallery to assist Lyn in her efforts to fund her medical care during this time. I along with some other amazing artist have pledge a portion of the sales of our artwork that are posted in the blog to help Lyn out. Please take a moment out and visit the blog, you might find something that you really like and also be helping out an incredible artist at the same time.

The piece that I have been working on is "Reeds at Rice" for the last couple of weeks. It is going slowly basically because of the reeds, very time consuming. I love the way this piece is coming along but at the same time I keep swearing to myself that I won't do another piece that incorporates tall grasses in it. But wouldn't you know it that I have another one in the works of some Ibis's among some marsh grass and the commission that I am working on has allot of tall grass in it as well.

Happy new year!

"Reeds at Rice" In progress.
The reeds on the left are about finished,
I am slowly working my across the painting

Detail shot of the left side of the painting.
The bird only has the first layer of paint on it but,
the reeds in this section are about finished.


Ray Brown said...

Looking real good Robert! I can't wait to see it in Charleston. --Ray

Terry Miller said...

This is going to turn out to be quite the lovely work, Robert. And, I know from where you speak, talking about grass and reeds and foreground detaily stuff. It is the very rare work of mine that now will be based on such compositional elements, but then again, sometimes the idea has to take over and you just have to do it!

Robert Caldwell said...

Thank you gentlemen!

I'll see and talk to you soon Ray.

I love your current piece Terry, rendering rope can be time consuming too. Your sentiments on the passing of Andrew where touching.

Again thank you.