Friday, January 30, 2009

Presenting "Reeds at Rice"

It seems that this painting took a long time but it is now finished and ready to be framed. I will be taking this with me to the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition.

"Reeds at Rice (Song Sparrow)," Oil, 13" x 20"

"Reeds at Rice" is the first piece that I have completed where the subject matter along with the environment that the subject is set in came from the VCU Rice center. I have done several other pieces where the subject came from my adventures at the Rice center but none that included the wonderful habitat that is the Rice center. You have heard me talk about the Rice center a couple of times before but to help refresh your memory about the center and all the wonderful things that they do please visit I hope to get back out to the center in the spring to recharge my reference library and to just enjoy being in such a great environment.


Terry Miller said...

It was a long time in coming but ..... well worth the wait. This is a marvelous work, Robert. I hope someone will grab it up in Charleston and wish you the best there. In these tough times, we all need a sale or two or three or four or ....... best of luck down there.

Grahame Butler said...

Wow! what a fantastic piece, as Terry say's it was worth the wait, beside the bird and the reeds I love the way the out of focus background has pushed everything forward. I'm sure you wont need it, but good luck at Charleston