Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back from Charleston, SC

These shows go by so quick. You spend so much time getting prepared for them and in the blink of an eye its over. This years Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC was a hit with all things considered. I thought there where allot of people who attended and many of them still added work to there collections. Thank you to all of you who stopped by to look at my work and for those of you who purchased a piece, Enjoy!

The week at SEWE started off with a bit of excitement. Fellow artist and friend Dustin Van Wechel and I went out Wednesday morning before setting up to get some reference material. We ended up at the beach on Sullivan's Island taking some pictures of the birds and some of the environment. There where some large rocks and pilings that jetted out into the water where there where some birds hanging out so we went over to them. The two of us are standing on top of these rocks looking around getting lots of reference and pretty excited just about being out in the fresh air. I look down between the the two rocks which come up out of the water about 2-3 feet and I see what I think is the most interesting piece of sea weed or kelp that I have ever seen. Just as I start to think that maybe what I am looking at might be something different, it moves! I turn to Dustin to point this out to him and notice that he sees it as well. This is when Dustin says "I think that might be an alligator!" At this moment I jump back saying some interesting explicatives trying to get at least a couple more feet between me and the alligator. Never would I have expected to see an alligator in the ocean but apparently after talking to a local on the beach this happens occasionally down there. Below are some photos of the encounter, mind you that I only have a 18-70mm lens on my camera.

Below is a group photo of me along with some of my fellow artist friends taking a break for a nice dinner on Friday.

From the left working back: Dustin Van Wechel, Nigel Nicholls, Mark Kelso's Mother, and Mark Kelso
From the right working back: Ray Brown, Alison Nicholls, Julie Bender, and Me

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