Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birds in Art 2009

Just opened the "big" envelope from the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum and to my great delight found out that "Sewanee Barn (Feral Pigeons)" got into the 2009 Birds in Art! For those of you who may not know Birds in Art is the most prestigious exhibition that an artist who draws, paints, or sculpts birds can be jurried into. This exhibition pulls great artist from around the world and in fact this year there where 884 entries.

"Sewanee Barn (Feral Pigeons)"
Oil, 13 x 30

For those of you who will be coming to the art exhibit tomorrow night at Little Venice, "Sewanee Barn" will be on display along with my 2007 Birds in art piece "At Rest." The wine tasting is sold out but you can still come in get a drink from the bar and wonder your way up to the exhibit in the upper portion of the restaurant. Hope to see you there!


Tatiana said...

Really like the size choice here...great work with greys and darks....lovely.

davelarson said...

I really like the size also, well deserving of a prize

Ray Brown said...

You little !@#$%^. I got the small envelope. That's two for you... now I 'll never catch up.

Seriously, congratulations. Well deserved, that is a great piece.


Terry Miller said...

Hey Robert ... how wonderful! Congrats. I too, got the biggy, so guess I will see you in Wausau? Fine piece, well deserved.

Robert Caldwell said...

Thanks everyone!

Now Ray I don't think thats the correct usage of those particular punctuation marks. As for catching up you have plenty of time for that!

Thanks Terry, I hope to be able to make it to Wausau. Need to sell a few pieces to pay for the trip!

Paul Rhymer said...

Way to go Robert, we were hoping the vulture would get into the show, but we are thrilled for the pigeons!!!
We, too, will see you there.
Paul and Carolyn

Jim Bortz said...

Robert, Good to see you will be back at Birds in Art! Way to go! I hope to see you again in September.

Dustin Van Wechel said...

Congrats, Robert! Great painting!